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Garage sectional door DoorHan is a modern high-technology mobile construction intended for mounting in small and medium-sized apertures (in width from 2000 to 5000 mm, in height from 2000 to 5000 mm).

The base of its design is the leaf, which consists of horizontally located sections (sandwich panels), joint with each other by means of special hinges. Sandwich panels are produced on European production automated line and consist of two layers of steel leafs with polyurethane foam filling. Steel galvanized leafs may be coloured or laminated with the woodimitation layer, which is not exposed to temperature effect and ultraviolet radiation. Depending on design type the width of steel leaf varies from 0.4 to 0.8 mm.

During opening the door leaf is lifting by means of roll system along the lintel to ceiling using the tracks with full clearing of the aperture. Thereby the garage space and territory around may be considerably economized, and you get more space for maneuver during the parking of your car.

The door design possesses some unique qualities in comparison with the analogs. Due to the sandwich panels and the seal system garage sectional door DoorHan is hermetic and is provided with heat insulating and soundproof qualities. It is calculated as a long-lived item (minimum for 10 years) and is equipped with operation security system; it is also notable for high level of ease of operation.

For the door design DoorHan company offers 8 standard colours according to international RAL card and also 6 engrains. Combination of types of sandwich panels and kinds of surfaces make it possible to produce doors in more than 250 variants. In addition the doors may be coloured not only in standard colours, but in any other colour according to RAL card. Variety of additional accessories and furniture for garage sectional doors DoorHan permits to choose not only the optimal variant, but also the individual product performed especially for you.

Automatic garage sectional doors are the most convenient in operation – using of electric drives and their accessories allows to open and to close the doors distantly not leaving the car.

Sectional doors DoorHan comply with all the requirements both of Russian State Standard GOST 31174-2003 and of European standard EN 13241-1. In addition it is the only offered door in the market, which is developed and produced considering Russian climatic conditions of operation; it is certified and has certificates of conformity.

Fundamental advantages:

  • thermal insulation (due to the sandwich panels and seal system);
  • sound insulation (24 dB);
  • energy-saving (due to economy on premises heating and cooling);
  • long service life (minimum for 10 years);
  • high level of automation.
Every garage has its own architecture and dimensions, which create different conditions for mounting. So, the DoorHan Company has developed 4 series of garage sectional doors – Yett 01, Yett 02, RSD01 and RSD02. The choice of the door depends on a number of factors; the main ones include headroom and sideroom clearance (distances from the edge of the door opening to the ceiling and walls) and garage depth.

Sectional garage doors Yett 01, which realize modern design solutions can be installed into garage openings with limited headroom — 90 mm (with sideroom clearance of 145 mm).

Sectional garage doors Yett 02, which realize modern design solutions can be installed into garage openings with limited sideroom — 100 mm (with headroom clearance of 135 mm).

Sectional garage doors RSD01 are designed for low lift installation into small garage openings with limited headroom (from 100 mm) and sideroom (from 120 mm). The dimensions of these doors can be up to 3,000 mm in width and up to 2,700 mm in hight.

Sectional garage doors RSD02 are the classic sectional doors meant for the most general dimensions of garages. It may be mounted in premises with different architectural features, particularly with different design of lintel and ceiling, as it has great range of lifting types.

Yett 01

Yett 02