GC DoorHan

Automatic equipment for roller shutters

DoorHan offers tube motors, developed especially for operation in severe climatic conditions for automation of roller shutters and rolling doors. They are designed for the roller shutters with leaf weight from 1 to 150 kg and shaft diameter from 40 to 102 mm. The tube motors are mounted within the shaft; the roller shutters are put into motion during their rotation. 15 models of DoorHan tube motors are offered at option; they differ by capacity, size, and by the availability of the emergency opening function.


  • remote radio control of operators;
  • stable operation under low temperatures (which is proved by certificates);
  • conformance to the European quality standards;
  • wide model assortment for roller shutter leaf of any weight;
  • possibility of uniting operators into groups for simultaneous control with the help of one button;
  • low noise level.