GC DoorHan

The recruitment policy

The DoorHan recruitment policy is aimed at forming and developing a professional team of fellow-thinkers who would ensure the DoorHan leadership at the market.

Professional orientation
The DoorHan Group recruits exceptionally both the professional with extensive experience, and young specialists eager to work, improve their skills, and achieve commendable results. By cooperating with professional instructors, the DoorHan Group attracts students to undergo the apprenticeship at the Company and write diploma papers using their new experience.

Improvement of personnel qualification and professional skills
Continuous improvement of personnel professional knowledge and skills is one of the basic prerequisites of progress of a modern manufacturing facility. The DoorHan Company uses its own resources to this end (the training center) as well as the projects that are implemented jointly with famous research and training institutions, among them there is the Institute of business and management of the Academy of Public Economy with the Government of the Russian Federation. During recent years many executive managers of the DoorHan Company completed the training and received relevant diplomas.
A chair was set up in 2009 at the DoorHan training center ad with the Institute of business and management to major in marketing and business of estate property.

Social orientation
The handicapped persons play a significant role in the country’s social life being full-fledged members of the society. Fully aware of the fact, the DoorHan provides the employment for the persons for whom it is most problematic in their lives, invalids particularly. At present the Company employs several persons with impaired hearing.

Corporate culture  
The DoorHan Group attaches specific significance to the corporate culture development. The corporate socials have become customary like sports events, joint involvement provides an opportunity for all to demonstrate and display their creative potential, to meet colleagues informally and to understand one another better.