GC DoorHan

Progress background

The initial deliveries of gates by the DoorHan Company related to its own lift-and-turn design that was assembled in the fall of 1994. This moment can be considered just the time when the Company came into existence. The DoorHan Company passed all the stages of development during 16 years afterwards by growing from a small erecting facility into an international multiprofile manufacturing holding company.

The scope of production has reached 4 gates per days after 5-6 teems of erectors were dealing already by commissioning of the articles. By the end of this period the Company was producing three types of the gates; they are street roller, street swinging, and garage counterbalanced lifting and turning gates.

The basic trends and strategies of the Company’s progress were outlined during this period with the course of setting up own production of standard pieces in Russia. That was the time when DoorHan established its own manufacturing facilities.

own fabrication of standard pieces for the gates of DoorHan systems was vigorously evolving, new facilities (galvanizing, powder painting and others) and production shops (of roller, cargo handling and aluminum profile systems) were added, the first computerized stamping line was commissioned and so was the second line to produce sandwich panels. In addition the marketing of DoorHan automatic devices was initiated and the DoorHan sectional gates passed European certification.
The DoorHan articles were exported for the first time to the markets of Europe and China. The course of intensive dealer net development resulted in the establishment of first regional manufacturing and storage facilities in 12 cities in Russia and 1 city in Ukraine.
The DoorHan group of companies became dominating at the markets of gates in Russia and the CNS states.

It is the DoorHan vigorous technological and territorial growth:

  • The hot and cold aluminum tape rolling mills and automatic gate leaf assembling facilities for the sectional gates in Yekaterinburg were installed and commissioned;
  • Production of modular systems, fireproof storages, roll-aside hangar gates and nonstandard special structures, was started;
  • The production was sandwich panels were begun in Ukraine.

In addition, a works was procured to produce rolled painted steel in China (2007); the door systems were marketed for the first time; the company acquired a new image (a new office was constructed in 2009 in Odintsovo).
The Company’s territorial expansion has resulted in the establishment of manufacturing and storage facilities and representations in 10 cities in Russia, 4 cities in Ukraine, 2 cities in Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Early in 2010 a computerized line was commissioned in Kadan’ to produce DoorHan sandwich panels.