GC DoorHan

Development strategy

One of the top priorities of the DoorHan Company is adaptation of novel high-tech innovations in production of articles. Introduction of the top-of-the-art technologies is achieved by investing into the latest equipment, research and development.
One of the basic trends of development at the DoorHan Company is promotion of energy effectiveness of mobile enclosing designs. To this end, the Company cooperates closely with the Research and Development Institutes of the Russian Academy of Science having set up a consulting research center on its premises.

The development strategy of the DoorHan Company is embodied in solving the following problems:

  • utilization of the advanced IT-solutions, high-quality  environmentally friendly raw materials at all production stages of leading world producers;
  • updating of the products in accordance with the new bills and modifications of the international and national standards;
  • development of designs in order to promote the quality of the output and;
  • expansion of the selling net in order to improve the servicing of partners when marketing  the DoorHan-produced commodities, provision of the comprehensive support;
  • effective cooperation with Russian and  foreign partners;
  • promotion of the qualification the personnel aimed at consideration of the specific features of produced articles, and;
  • consistent implementation of the social policy aimed at improving the life standard of the personnel and each individual in the country in general.

The ways of further progress of the Company are large-scale investments into the equipment, production and welfare infrastructure.
The Company’s progress favors too the ever-improving encouragement of the DoorHan dealers.

The DoorHan offers to the partners the following:

  • the broadest available range of products of a single company;
  • high-quality commodities at the most competitive prices;
  • printable terms of cooperation;
  • training of the personnel for free using the nearest branch of the DoorHan training center;
  • provision of all possible promotion materials;
  • arrangement of routes of payment-free deliveries to remote communities;
  • promotion and  PR-support of the DoorHan brand at the places of sale;
  • round-the-clock call center for end users;
  • reference of the end users addressing the DoorHan to the partners under the DoorHan Club project;
  • comprehensive information and technical support, consultation help through the direct free-call line (tel.: 8-800-200-9899).

Within the program of encouragement of dealers, the site www.doorhan.ru now contains a broad segment where the Company’s partners can learn at once of the progress of their orders; obtain the necessary technical documentation DoorHan products, updated price lists, manuals, specimens of promotion and marketing materials, etc.  The DoorHan group of companies is always open to cooperation. We value highly our permanent partners and invite more to join us.